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To talk about these mattresses, it is very important that you forget everything you think you know about them. We tell you this because the old spring mattresses have nothing to do with the current ones (although the old ones still exist). In fact, this type of mattresses is the best sellers in the market.

There are several types of springs in the spring mattresses, such as springs,  pocket springs … The classic mattresses of all life are called biconical or Bonell springs and were manufactured in the most traditional way in the 20s. Its firmness is medium-low, so we do not recommend that you buy one of these, since they do not guarantee a good quality of the rest (they tend to sink a lot).

Continuous spring mattresses (or continuous wire springs)

These mattresses have a firm and durable surface that manages to distribute the weight of your body fairly evenly. Keep in mind that we say enough so it is not the best mattress in this aspect, although you should not rule it out if you are looking for something decent.

It is a type of mattress that allows great ventilation, thus improving hygiene and freshness. In addition, it allows great independence of beds, that is, we refer to the fact that the different bodies are independently adapted in the same bed. That the other person weighs more, for example, should not affect the person with whom he sleeps.

Mattresses with pocket springs

This type of mattress has the springs packed in a bag and each spring works individually, getting the springs do not affect each other. In this way, the best independence of beds for double beds is achieved.

These mattresses are silent and can have up to 7 comfort zones that adapt to the weight of your body. They also have high durability over time.

Before buying your spring mattress, look at the type of material in your quilt. Some spring mattresses have viscoelastic in their outer layer and they are very comfortable and stable.

Spring mattresses are considered to be very good for back pain. So it is also called best mattress for back pain.